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Our Services

Our products used within the renovation process are supplied by Andura, one of the largest manufacturers throughout Europe, established in 1985, Andura manufacture and supply products with a life expectancy of 30 years, so you can be sure of a perfect finish every time.

Machine Sprayed Renders

By using machines to spray the renders this can ensure a simple and professional method to your external property. Some of the advantages to machine sprayed renders are:

  • Quick and simple application.
  • larger areas of the wall can be completed at any one time with a long distance application.

Does your house just need new guttering and fascias to bring it back to life again?

We offer a range of packages and services to give your property a professional look.

With a variety of colours to choices from we can renovate your guttering & fascias with an easy and simple process.

Scratch Render

Instead of the traditional sand and cement render, scratch render uses a modern silicone technology to prevent water damage but still allows water vapours to circulate.

With an array of colour choices this means we can save you time and money having to repair the external walls after the renovation.

We can simply apply by hand or sprayed using a machine.

Pebble Dashing

Pebble dashing is a modern process by mixing quicklime & sand which is then applied to give a stippled effect.

We promise a wide array of colour choices to add effect and character to any property.

Machine sprayed or hand applied to ensure a quick and easy process with guaranteed stunning results.

We apply mesh cloths over surfaces including windows & doors to complete a neat finish.

Textured Coating

At MK Exterior we use an array of silicone acrylic textures which makes the product preventable from any cracks or damages.

This can be supplied in a large amount of colours to suit your needs to give a personal touch to any property.

This texture is suitable to uneven surfaces for a perfect finish with a life expectancy of 30 years.

This can ensure a long lasting professional look to your property.

Polymer Render Systems

This method is a great cost effective solution which can be applied directly to the building structure or as a finishing touch. The benefits of polymer rendering include:

  • Reduces condensation.
  • Life expectancy of 30 years.
  • A large array of colour choices.
  • A large array of colour choices.

Cement Rendering

One of the services we offer is cement rendering.

This process started simply by mixing sand and cement mixtures throughout the years has further developed into using materials such as acrylics, crack fibres and silicones to provide a longer lasting product.

Here at MK Exteriors we can supply 4 types of render systems.

External Insulation Systems

Our external wall insulation systems ensures no unnecessary loss of heat to your property.

A large amount of heat is lost through external walls and we pride ourselves on preventing this as well as a reduction on condensation.

Weather and high impact resistancy is also a beneficial factor in our systems to provide excellent durability all year round.

Stone Cladding

We supply two types of stone cladding, genuine stone facing and brick cladding, these methods use a traditional application to complete an exceptional finish to any property.

The genuine stone facing method helps to create a traditional or modern look as of your preference.

We can supply Yorkshire stone to ensure an eye catching and appealing look.

Brick cladding can make a dull looking property new and enticing by covering your property with brick tiles.

These 2 methods are simple and effective and will guarantee to add that charm back to your property.


We pride ourselves on adding that personal touch to every individual property we renovate.

We want to make sure your property has exceptional durability through all elements.

This process ensures we remove all mortar within the exterior wall.

We will use an array of textures and materials including sand & cement or lime for the pointing which can be supplied to a colour of your choice.

This process can make a tired looking property look new and modern with our specialist care and equipment.xtures and materials including sand, cement or lime for the pointing, which can be supplied to a colour of your choice.

At MK Exteriors we can discuss at length the best and most cost-effective brick pointing solution for you.

Brushing and Cleaning

We can effectively remove paint, dirt and grease from the exterior of your property with a range of cleaning procedures to suit your needs.


Judi cramer

I was very pleased with the workmanship, in fact my house now looks like a new property. Very happy with the workmen, friendly and reliable and most importantly, turned up on time.


Mr Leonard

Just wanted to say the rendering you did on the house is fantastic and looks brilliant. Also the pointing has made the house look brand new. You guys were here on time every day and left the house very clean and tidy. Thank you for a great job will use you again.


Julie Lynch

Excellent results for work done on outside of house. Punctual, polite and professional attitude from all the team. Highly recommended.